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Pub Chats: The Crown & Horseshoes, Enfield

We took a visit to Crown & Horseshoes, and got chatting to Luis Bernardo, the General Manager, about his journey working in hospitality.

Greene King Locals are a true breeding ground for personality. Not bound tightly to brand rules, the General Managers of these pubs get the freedom to really inject character into their venue, meaning no two pubs are the same. Focused on bringing communities together, they’re cozy little boozers and the ultimate place to connect with your friends and family for a lively evening.

And with so many jobs live at a range of Greene King Locals on our platform now, we thought we’d take a trip to a proper Locals pub to get a true feel for it.

Join us on our little adventure to Crown and Horseshoes, a true gem in Enfield and a real North London must-know for Summer.

Arriving in Enfield from Oakwood tube station, we took a 5 minute bus ride down the road to the centre of Enfield. Alongside the canal, trees and birds, this cozy pub feels like it’s really nestled within nature.

Crown & Horseshoes, Enfield

We got chatting to General Manager, Luis Bernardo, who has been working in Greene King pubs since he was 16 years old. His hospitality journey has taken him through various different levels in the industry.

Luis started as a part time cleaner when he was 16 before college. He then progressed into working in a bar, before becoming a floor supervisor. Starting uni, he supplemented his studies as a part time Team Leader, before going on to become an Assistant Manager for a friend’s pub – this was initially going to be a 6 month job, but in fact led to a 10 year career.

Luis discusses how his career was never planned. For him, hospitality was initially always going to be a short term stint to help out a friend, but he soon came to love the industry.

Luis Bernardo, General Manager at Crown & Horseshoes

Since he was young, Luis has always been around hospitality, surrounded by a family who always worked in catering. It was part of his DNA at that point, but he stayed initially because the pay offered was great. As a manager, he was earning above average and received accommodation along with it.

“There was no way I was going to say no to that. And I actually ended up really enjoying the job. I’m quite sociable so it already suited me. And I was never a guy who wanted to do a standard nine-to-five, to be honest.”

“The bosses I had empowered me to do and learn. I met great people who allowed me to progress and made me want to progress. Before you know it, you’re already so embedded in the industry. It would be hard to leave even now. I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else.”

“What I love the most about my job is the competition and the results. You’ll know if you’re doing well or if you’re not doing well. I like turning businesses that are failing into businesses that are doing well. I’m a results-driven person so I was attracted to seeing success. The social aspect was the hook, but the results are what drives me.”

“The bonus schemes are also crazy, you can really get some crazy bonuses if you are hitting your numbers. The targets are hard, but if you consistently hit them you can make a lot of money.”

“Keep in mind, the hospitality industry has evolved over the years. The expectation used to be 70 hours a week. As time has gone on, the hours and the work life balance has become easier to manage.” 

Luis says that while there are sacrifices you have to make, the teamwork element is something that is unparalleled to other workplace environments. While he is focused on efficiency and improvement, the real sense of teamwork helps drive this.


John Lean, FOH Team Member at Crown & Horseshoes

We also had a chit-chat with John Lean, who has been a Front of House Team Member for 3 years at the Crown & Horseshoes. Much like Luis, he’s no stranger to Hospitality, having worked in different bars within Enfield beforehand. He says the best part of working in pubs is the social aspect and really getting to know the customers. 

“When you know what your customer is drinking before they ask, when you catch up with people who haven’t been in a while. The banter. Those are the moments I really like.”

One thing that we really felt on our trip was the homeliness of the pub. From the warm furnishings, the hearty food and the attention to detail, it really felt looked after and tended to, brought together with a focus on community. While efficiency and speed is at the heart of the pub’s operations, a real sense of creating meaningful connections permeates.

It’s certainly not your average nine-to-five workplace and if you’re looking for a hands-on job where you can feel supported to progress, enjoy seeing results, and feel driven by working in a team, a job within a Greene King Locals pub could be the one for you.

Next time you’re in the area and seeking a great beer garden to relax in for Summer, make sure you head down to the Crown & Horseshoes, and give Luis and John a hello from us while you’re there!

And if you’re job-seeking, make sure to follow Greene King Locals to hear about their latest jobs in your area by heading to the Placed app and hitting their brand page here.