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Sunny Outdoor Terrace & Restaurant Ibérica La Terrazza is Hiring!

Looking for a job this summer? What better way to work this season than serving sunset-coloured cocktails and delicious Spanish dishes on the terrace of restaurant Ibérica La Terrazza! (La Terrazza = The Terrace) ☀️

We visited this recently opened restaurant in Canary Wharf, to check out the vibes (spoiler alert: they’re so good), learn more about the roles they’re hiring for, what they love to see in new team members and what you’ll love about working at Ibérica La Terrazza. So hope you’ve got suncream lying around!

Ibérica Staff Group Photo

Team Ibérica La Terrazza, outside on the terrace

What roles are hiring?

Whether you prefer front-of-house or back-of-house, part-time or full-time, Ibérica has options for you.


Carmen, after working as a Waiter for only two weeks at La Terrazza, is very happy with her choice.

‘It’s my first job as a waitress so I was thinking that it would be hard, but it’s not as hard as I expected.’

‘We are very friendly with each other which is a good thing for us because it gives us the confidence to work with the guests.’

Joan’s favourite part of being a Waiter is speaking with different kinds of people every day. So if you like talking to, or are curious about, people from all walks of life, here’s your sign to apply!

Joan also let us in on some of the perks, including
25% discount on bikes for those who like to cycle to work, an £100 voucher on your birthday, 50% off at Ibérica Restaurants (of course!) and free English lessons for those, like Carmen, who’d like to improve their English.


Aday, a student in London, started as a part-time Barback 1 year ago before becoming Bartender Assistant and now Bartender.

‘I was looking for somewhere to work at because I’m a student also, and I need some money to, like, pay all my rent and all that stuff, so I came around Canary Wharf and then I saw the restaurant… I did a trial, I liked it and here we are!’

‘…you are learning everyday about drinks, about how to serve them, about how to treat people also, and if you also want to learn a bit of English, this is the perfect role for you.’

Did we forget to mention that there is a bar on the terrace?

‘Now that we’ve got this terrace open, the day is completely different… Now you can be outdoors, you’ve got wind, you can see the weather…’

Aday is currently working to become Head Bartender. Find out more about
what skills you could learn as a Bartender.

Ibérica Joan and Carmen, Waiters

Joan and Carmen, Waiters. 

Aday, Bartender

Aday, Bartender.


The duties of a receptionist at a restaurant can include welcoming guests at the door and bringing them to their tables, managing bookings, handling emails and more. For someone who has a knack for organisation and loves to assist people, this could be your role!

Alexandra sure seems to love it!

‘I actually like to work in Front of House because we are more in touch with all the customers…so we deal with parties, we speak to the customers…and it’s a great job.’

‘You feel this job is not just a hospitality job but almost like an office job; you’re dealing with emails, with phone calls, you are organising the floorplans and so you are the front of operations, actually.’


Not only does Ibérica La Terrazza have a terrace bar, but its very own terrace kitchen, too!

It was there that the delightful Chef de Partie Adrian prepared us a
life-changingly good salad while he answered some of our questions.

‘It’s been fun,’ he says of what it’s like to work here. ‘I really like my colleagues, especially in the kitchen, we get along really well. We help each other a lot. Some days it’s been tough but we always just joke around and have fun and try to work as best as we can.’

‘We mainly cook Spanish food… We do pretty much everything from the sauces to any kind of side dish. We make our own croquettes, we make our own churros…’

There wasn’t a person there who didn’t have raving reviews of the food, so look forward to those staff meals… And if you’re at all interested in learning about Spanish culture, Spanish cuisine and even the language, then you’ve hit the jackpot!

Adrian, Chef De Partie

Adrian, Chef de Partie.

Alexandra, Ibérica Receptionist

Alexandra, Receptionist. 

Find out more about all jobs available at Ibérica La Terrazza!


Assistant Manager

Hospitality businesses tend to favour promoting internally, and this is certainly the case with Miriam and Sylviu.

‘So I started as an Assistant Waitress, like, 5 years ago…’ says Miriam. ‘Then I became a Waitress and then Head Waitress and now I’m an Assistant Manager. Step by step!’

‘I started 4 years ago behind this bar as a Bartender,’ says Sylviu, ‘then became Head Bartender, and then Assistant Manager.’

Of course, the job of an Assistant Manager at a beautiful, bustling restaurant with an outdoor terrace musn’t be easy! But they seem to enjoy it all the same.

‘It’s a rollercoaster… but at the end of the day you get the satisfaction of getting the job done. And it’s satisfying, especially when you see that the team has done well.. Most of the days… we have fun.’ says Sylviu.

Miriam adds: ‘At the end we have happy staff – that’s the most important – as well as happy guests. And if the guests are not happy, we’re here to change their mind!’

Sylviu and Myriam

Sylviu and Miriam, Assistant Managers.

Table inside Iberica

Table inside Ibérica La Terrazza

What about flexibility, the people & opportunities?

One thing was made clear as day when we visited Ibérica La Terrazza – the staff are truly cared for, and everyone cares for each other. Which makes for an amazing work culture of camaraderie and support which we could feel when we were there!

There’s Flexibility and Open Communication

Only looking for part-time? No problem! Aday started out with just 15 hours a week. He also mentions that ‘the management team is quite close to you always, so if you prefer working in mornings or afternoons or anything, they’re quite adaptable to you… so that’s not an issue.’

‘We have the best staff ever,’ says Receptionist Alexandrda. ‘We want to help each other and so our management team are always open to…giving us what we need.’

You’ll Always have the Chance to Grow

Nothing makes a flexibility at work easier than honest and open communication with the management. But if you want to take on a more committed role, there’s always that chance.

‘It’s the best place for progression because they’ll give you the chance if you want to,’ says Assistant Manager Sylviu. ‘If you prove you want to do it and you work hard, they’ll give you the opportunity 100%.’

You can feel assured that at Ibérica La Terrazza, you’ll be heard.

And finally, the number one thing we were told during our visit…

The People are the Best Part

The people you’re surrounded by at work can really make or break how you feel about your job! So it was genuinely amazing to hear everyone name their colleagues as a huge part of why they love Ibérica La Terrazza.

‘My favourite thing is … my work colleagues, for sure. It’s, like, one of the main reasons I come to work and I always give it my all, try to help them, give advice… Just the people. The people are everything.’ says Chef Adrian.

Assistant Manager Sylviu also had a thing or two to say about getting together for a good time!

‘Oh yeah, last Sunday? Oof! Last Sunday was tough for all of us. We went to, ah, where was it… Brick Lane. Brick Lane was nice. We went to a salsa club… We try to keep it as tight as possible, the team.’

Iberica outdoors
Iberica outdoors 2

Ibérica’s La Terrazza’s outdoor terrace and indoor bar.

Iberica Indoors

Be sure to apply for a job at Ibérica La Terrazza on Placed! Check out their employer page for available positions and get ready to show your stuff!

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