Hospitality Guide

The Placed Guide to Working in Hospitality

You won’t find any other workplace quite like that of Hospitality. Vibrant and lively – it’s packed with passionate people who truly love what they do. What’s more, it’s a dynamic sector where you’ll find a whole array of diverse opportunities to suit you. If you’re the type of person who thrives in an exciting, buzzy environment and enjoys creating memorable experiences for others, you’ll love working in Hospitality.

Whether you’re after a short-term gig or looking to build your career, as recruitment specialists in the industry we’ve got some words of wisdom to share with you on all things Hospitality.

What jobs can I get within Hospitality?

Hospitality is a broad term for the fields within the service industry that include food and drink service, event planning, theme parks, travel and tourism. The main venues you’ll find are hotels, tourism agencies, restaurants and bars.ย 

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines the word hospitality as the โ€œgenerous and friendly treatment of visitors and guests or hospitable treatment.โ€ which pretty much hits the nail on the head. Any job that requires the care and treatment of guests will likely fall into the Hospitality sector!

And being a super broad sector, it just means you have plenty of roles available to apply to in a whole host of environments.

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How do I know which job is best for me?

You may already know what role you’d like to go for – in which case, you can start applying for roles!

For those who are intrigued in the sector but aren’t sure which role is best for them – here are some questions you can ask yourself before deciding what to apply to.

  • What type of person are you? Are you a sociable person who enjoys meeting and chatting to new people? If so, a Front of House, customer-facing role such as a Waiter/Waitress, Bartender or Host might be best. Alternatively, if you’re less interested in meeting new people but enjoy working within a solid team, a Back of House role within the kitchen could suit you better.
  • What are your current skills? If you’re naturally gifted in the kitchen it may be a no-brainer to become a chef. Alternatively, if organisation and leadership skills are what fuels you, you might consider climbing the ladder to management.
  • What hours do you want to work? If you love the buzz of the nights, you may love working in a restaurant or a bar. If you prefer a quieter environment during the day, you might find peace in working in a cafe.ย 


At the end of the day, the best job for you will be one that fits into your life and suits your interests.

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What are my career options?

The good news is, in Hospitality, you’ve got plenty. Unlike many other professions where there’s a strict pathway up, you can choose from a range of paths depending on what works best for you. You’ll find real strong sense of support in the form of excellent training, apprenticeships, graduate schemes and more:

  • Apprenticeships – Many employers within this sector offer apprenticeships to help propel your career. These are a great way of earning while you gain accredited qualifications.

  • Graduate schemes – Fresh out of uni? This one’s for you. These are tailored specifically for recent graduates, and are often a great pathway into Head Office. Many schemes are varied and offer Secondments, where

  • Work experience – Apprenticeships and graduate schemes will help you climb the ladder quickly; but that isn’t to say that it’s not possible without them. Plenty of managers work their way up from simply working hard and learning from their managers.

If you aren’t so keen on climbing the ladder, and just want some part-time or short-term work while you focus on your other aspirations, Hospitality offers a whole host of jobs made specifically for people like you. It’s one of the perfect environments for earning quick cash, as it’s flexible and often you get paid weekly. Plus, it’s usually a fun, sociable environment where you can really make some great friends.

How can I spot a good Hospitality employer?

It’s always worth doing a little bit of research before you jump into a new job. Hospitality often involves close-knit teams, so it’s important to spend some time looking at the company’s website and social media to see if their values align with yours.

Keep an eye out for employers who communicate well during the application process. Those who keep you informed about the next steps and are happy to answer any of your questions are often good employers.

You can also rely on job search platforms like Placed who will match you with trusted, reputable Hospitality employers that truly care about their staff.

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Where can I apply for Hospitality jobs?

The Placed app is designed specifically for those looking for work within the Service industry, with a wealth of Hospitality jobs to apply to from trusted, reputable brands such as PizzaExpress, Greene King, Black Sheep Coffee, Bone Daddies and more.

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What are some tips for landing a job in Hospitality?

Here are some things to keep in mind during your application process:

  • Show off your personality in your profile

    Most roles within Hospitality work directly with guests/visitors or closely within teams – so personality is often an important factor which employers look for. So, when creating your profile or CV, make sure you show off what makes you, you! Whether that’s your interests, hobbies, traits and more.

  • Highlight any relevant experience or skills

    If you have experience, be sure to highlight this to employers. And remember, experience doesn’t have to be in a job environment. If you’ve had any previous moments where you’ve worked in a team such as in a group project at school, or had to host and welcome guests, be sure to mention this!
  • Build your presence

    Building your presence means putting yourself out there to employers through utilising different routes and platforms. Use social media to reach out to employers and build your own personal brand, explore job-search apps like Placed, and dive into your own personal network. Do you know anyone who works or has worked in hospitality before? They’re likely to be able to help you out. For tips on networking, click here.

With all this being said, we wish you best of luck on your job hunt and hope you find Hospitality to be as much of a rewarding workplace as we do!

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