UrbanLeaf: Meet Some of the Fundraisers!

UrbanLeaf are the UK’s longest running charity fundraising organisation. Meet Manny and Josie, just two of UrbanLeaf’s talented, passionate people, who truly want to make a difference.


Manny has been street fundraising for UrbanLeaf for the past seven years. Here’s what he has to say about it.

Did you ever imagine you’d stay in fundraising this long?

Yes I did. Because of the positive attitude and mentality I had, I knew I’d be here for a long time. I also got inspired by the managers of UrbanLeaf. It’s is a place for longevity. I had an opportunity and here I am, for a good seven
years, and still going.

What do you do now and what does your job involve?

I’m a senior team leader. I look after all the team leaders and create a good environment for the newbies that we employ. I want them to have fun, and also to enjoy a fundraising career for the long term.

Is it a fulfilling career choice?

Yes, it’s definitely is a fulfilling career choice. Especially when you get to inspire thousands of people to understand how charities are making an impact every single day in people’s lives. When they sign up, it makes you happy to know that someone is now signed up to the charity because of you. In terms of the financial aspect, it is very good and fulfilling.

What is your favourite part of your job?

My favourite part is to inspire people who don’t even want to donate to charity, to be able to change their attitude and help them donate.

What’s it like to work at UrbanLeaf?

Working at UrbanLeaf is amazing. The culture we create here, we have a great social life. The team leaders get to buy the team coffees and lunches. We look after each other here…it’s a really good place to work.

What would you say to someone who’s looking at taking an opportunity at UrbanLeaf?

I’d tell the person to jump into it as soon as possible. It’s the nicest place to work, and a good
company to work for and the person will never regret it!


Regional Manager Josie has worked her way up through the ranks at UrbanLeaf. Find out why she’s stuck with us.

How did you start your career at UrbanLeaf?

I had worked on telephones and hadn’t thought
about street fundraising until I saw it advertised. The interview was unlike anything I had done before and it surprised me how much I enjoyed it.

Do you have to be young to do this job?

Nope, I’ve worked with great team members both
young and old. The important thing is that you have the passion and energy to wake up motivated each day.

Did you ever imagine you would stay in fundraising?

I knew I wanted to help people but never grew up thinking I would be a fundraiser. It wasn’t long after I started though that I realised how much more I enjoyed it than any other job I had done.

What does your job involve?

As a regional manager, every day is different. I can be selecting for talent at interviews, instilling confidence to approach people on someone’s first day, mentoring
experienced fundraisers to continue growth, and creating an atmosphere which enables people to do their best.

Do you find it fulfilling?

Massively! It is challenging but that makes it more rewarding. My best friend once told me she doesn’t know anyone who loves their job as much as I do.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

This is a hard one! I’ve met some fantastic human
beings in the industry, I love inspiring and raising awareness, getting people to think about things they may not have thought about before. But my favourite part is seeing real growth in someone’s confidence in themselves.

What’s it like to work at UrbanLeaf, culturally?

The teams are hugely supportive of each other, hard working, positive and passionate.

What would you say to someone considering joining?

Go for it! You’ve got to be driven and resilient to rejection, but I know so many people that say fundraising has changed their lives for the better. Let alone the fact that each day we get (paid!) to give a voice to- and change the lives of- some of the most disadvantaged in society.