What types of jobs can I do in a pub

What are the Benefits of Working in a Pub?

Whether you dream of becoming a Head Chef or you just want to work behind a bar for a few hours here and there to bring in some extra money, there are lots of benefits of working in a pub. From the environment you’ll work in, the people you’ll work with to what you’ll learn along the way, you’ll take a lot from a pub job, no matter what stage you’re at in your career.

So if you’re trying to choose between a position in a pub, a role in retail, or a situation in sales, here’s a handy guide to some of the best things about working in hospitality…

👉Is working in a pub flexible?
👉Is working in a pub sociable?
👉What skills do you get from working in a pub?
👉What experience do I need to work in a pub?
👉What do you do when you work in a pub?

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Is working in a pub flexible?

For many people, the flexibility of working in a pub is the number one draw. Are you currently a student? You can work shifts around your studies. Are you a parent with childcare commitments? There’ll be shifts available to fit around those. Do you have another job which isn’t offering enough hours? Why not look into topping it up with extra shifts from your local pub?

And that’s not all. If you’re working your shifts around your studies but you have a big assignment due, you can swap shifts with a colleague to give yourself the extra time you need. Need a bit of extra money for Christmas? Ask for extra shifts, there’s bound to be some at busy times such as summer holidays and the festive season.

It’s the joy of working in an industry where the doors are almost always open and there’s plenty of flexibility to work part time. Shifts to fit around your life, extra work when you need it, and, the fact that it’s ok to say ‘no’ to extra shifts if you just can’t fit them in make pub work the perfect scenario for many workers. On top of that you’ll find an added benefit is that you’ll often be able to enjoy your time off while the majority of people are at work, meaning you can make the most of quiet shops, public transport and attractions. If you’re looking for something flexible, working in a pub is a great option.

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Is working in a pub sociable?

If you’re a sociable person and you’re looking for the right line of work to get into, working in the hospitality industry is definitely worth exploring. You’ll be right in the thick of things and chatting with people throughout your shift, wherever you end up working in the pub.

One of the best things about working in a pub is the team around you. What might start as a team of strangers will soon become a group of friends and it’s not unusual for pub colleagues to socialise when they’re not at work. You’ll come to rely on each other, for swapping shifts as and when needed (as mentioned above) and also to have each other’s backs when the pub is packed to make sure everything gets done. The same is true of the kitchen team who all pull together to get the dishes ready when they’re needed and to the standard that customers expect, no matter how many orders are coming through.

And speaking of the customers… There aren’t too many jobs where you get to play so many roles–not just serving drinks but offering expert advice about the pub’s specials, listening to their stories and playing the entertainer. It’s up to the team to set the tone of the pub from the moment the customer walks through the door, so you’ll need your game face on from minute one and be at your most warm, welcoming and conversational. After all, it’s called hospitality for a reason…

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What skills do you get from working in a pub?

When it comes to working in a pub, there are some skills it’s helpful to have before you walk through the door, and others that you’ll pick up along the way. These may be specific skills you’ll need for your job, for example those developed through the apprenticeships that Greene King offers such as our chef apprenticeship, or life skills like dealing with difficult customers, something that happens to everyone working in hospitality at some point, unfortunately.

If you walk into a pub with no experience of pulling pints but plenty of enthusiasm and communication skills, you’re likely to find yourself being offered a job–attitude is everything in this business.

And, once you’ve started in your role, every day you’ll learn something new and become increasingly appealing to employers in future–or more valuable to the pub you’re working in, should you choose to stay. There are plenty of skills you’ll pick up that will be transferable no matter what industry you end up in, such as commercial awareness, numeracy skills and the critical ability to manage your time and do all the tasks you’re faced with in order of priority.

Then there are those skills that set you in good stead for life in general, whether that’s overcoming challenges or staying calm under pressure, critical life skills that will help you in all aspects of your life.

Lastly there are hospitality-specific things you will learn that you can use to dazzle friends and acquaintances. “Looking for a tonic to go with that gin? I can help with that.” “What dry white wine goes best with fish? Let me tell you.” What you learn working in a pub will never leave you.

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What experience do I need to work in a pub?

A real advantage to getting a job in a pub is that you don’t need any experience. For many of the roles, such as bar staff, waiting staff or an apprenticeship role, all you need is the right attitude and the bar manager will probably give you a chance if you come to them looking for a job.

Once you’ve snagged yourself a pub job, if you don’t have a very broad knowledge of food or drinks, it’s worth spending the time between being given the job and your first day familiarising yourself with the products on offer. There’s bound to be a dazzling array!

You may start your first shift not knowing the basics such as pulling a pint or using the till but skills like that won’t take you long to pick up at all and then as soon as you have built up experience of working behind the bar you can use it anywhere around the world to get more pub work. If you dream of travelling, having some pub experience under your belt could be just what you need to fund your way around the world.

However, if it’s a managerial position you’re looking for, you probably will need some experience of leading a team and bar work. An Assistant Manager role, for example, will require managerial experience although this can be from a retail environment or another fast-paced industry. A Kitchen Manager will need prior experience as either a Kitchen Manager, Head Chef or other relevant experience, and a Head Chef will need experience of cooking in a professional kitchen–and a history of leading a team to boot.

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What do you do when you work in a pub?

You’ll find that no two days are the same if you’re working in a pub. Your role might not change from day to day but you’ll never know who is going to walk through that door.

If you work front of house you’ll be responsible for greeting the customers and setting the tone for a sociable visit. Bar staff take customers’ drinks orders and prepare and serve the drinks. They’ll need to put the order through on the till and sort out their payment, including change if necessary. You’ll chat with customers and offer recommendations for drinks, using the expertise that you’ll pick up as you chalk up more experience.

If you take on a waiting role, it’ll be up to you to make sure the tables are set, smart and ready for the customers. You’ll show the customers to their table, hand them menus and talk them through the dishes of the day and you’ll also need to have the answers ready if they have any concerns about allergies, intolerances or dietary requirements. You’ll bring them their dishes and take the plates and everything else they’ve used away once they’ve eaten their meal, finishing off by bringing the bill and dealing with payment.

The kitchen team are all involved with preparing the dishes, whether that’s some basic prep work done by the Kitchen Porters (KPs), or making sure it’s up to standard like the Kitchen Manager. The Head Chef will add new delicious specials to the menu and make sure the food meets all of our customers’ expectations. It’s up to the whole team to keep the kitchen clean and hygienic, plus making sure it’s a safe area to work in for everyone.

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