There is no question that self-isolation and government advice to avoid pubs, restaurants and bars will have a huge impact on all of us. It’s definitely a scary moment to be a part of this industry. At the moment each day reveals a story with new rules, regulations and closures. So as the situation develops we will try to make sure we share as much as possible to inform and help the people of our industry.


The financial impact on workers is not being ignored

During yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Questions, the PM said that his government would ‘certainly consider’ ‘an income guarantee’ to all workers affected by the Coronavirus. He went on to say that no one should be ‘penalized for doing the right thing’ and that any scheme would be focussed on easing the financial pressures of those most affected by the sudden shutdown of the UK’s economy. 

SNP Minister Ian Blackford added ‘In the last financial crisis, the banks were bailed out but ordinary people were not. Prime Minister, you have it within your power to protect people’s incomes and provide them with peace of mind.’


There are still jobs

Although this crisis has wiped out a lot of jobs for people in the industry there are a number of places that have seen a massive increase in demand. In the US Amazon recently announced plans to hire 10,000 new staff members to deal with the ‘coronavirus increase’ and in the UK Morrisons announced a huge recruitment drive to help deal with the wave of home deliveries. These are just two examples of companies but they show that there definitely will be opportunities in the future as demand shifts to different areas. We’ll continue to post and update all available jobs on Placed so make sure you are also keeping an eye on your opportunities tabs.


You can sign the petition

While we are being told to stay in our houses and isolate, it’s easy to feel unseen. So it’s important that we maintain the chance to be heard.  If you agree that the government should set out a universal salary for all those affected make sure you support, share and sign the petition here.  


Apply for Universal Credit

For those of you on zero-hour contracts or for anyone who has lost their job due to the outbreak, we recommend that you apply for universal credit. You can do so by clicking on this link here. If you aren’t working because you’re following the government’s advice make sure you are not missing out on much-needed income.    


Let people know

Let’s make sure that everyone who needs information has access to it. So please share this with all the people in our community. We’ll continue to share advice and relevant news as the situation evolves. 

Be safe and stay strong!

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