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What’s it like to be a Customer Assistant at Lidl?

Thinking of getting a summer job? Then you should definitely apply for a job at Lidl soon! Lidl are looking for summer workers to be part of their dynamic, fast-paced teams. Find out more about a day in the life of a Customer Assistant at Lidl, and just how you can ace the interview!

Everyone loves their local Lidl, but the same can be said for those who work there! Each person plays their part in Lidl’s overall success and, in return, Lidl makes sure to take care of their people. Want a summer job or even a career a Lidl less ordinary? You’re in the right place – we’ll take you through everything you need to know before applying to become a Customer Assistant at Lidl.

A Day in the Life of a Lidl Customer Assistant

‘What attracted me to Lidl was the fast pace, the movement, the progression. I liked that it was something different every day…’

Lauren Carter, a Customer Assistant at Lidl, tells us why she personally joined Lidl from her previous job at a call centre.

‘I shopped at Lidl before I even worked here so I just saw how busy they were and I wanted to be a part of that.’

One thing’s for sure – you won’t be bored working at Lidl! There’s a lot going on when you’re working at one of the UK’s most loved supermarkets, and things move pretty fast. From helping customers with specific questions to helping manage and maintain stock, no two days are ever the same.

Customer Assistant Lidl summer jobs

Lauren talks about her specific role within the Lidl team.

‘I usually do the bakery, so if it’s a morning shift, I’ll come in at 6am and the prep has already been done … I’ll come in and start putting that in the oven. We follow a baking plan to the tee so it’s no problem. We just make sure the bakery looks full in the morning, looks full throughout the day and bake as and when we need to.’

‘If I don’t need to do anything in the bakery or go on the shop floor, I’ll help with the ambient, or the delivery in the morning, or I will do de-carding around the store…’

Of course, being often the first point-of-contact for customers who walk through the door is also a big part of the job.

‘Different people every day ask different questions and having that knowledge is definitely key… I absolutely love it though… if someone needs something, I will go to that aisle with them and show them.’

‘There is one lady who comes in who I always help… she’s just a lovely person and we have a chat and she’s brought her son in once too. It’s just little things like that.’

Those who love helping others, interacting with people and generally have a friendly personality will find themselves glowing as a Lidl Customer Assistant.

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What about the team culture?

Upon speaking to Lidl employees, there seems to be one commonality among all that is said – it’s the people who make Lidl special.

Deputy Manager Michael Macey made sure to speak about this.

‘The team dynamic is fantastic. You’ll have a huge array of people in the team, we’ve got some people who very much like to come in and get their head down and head home at the end of their shift – and that’s fine. There are also others who are super invested in the work. There are different characters, cultures, and what not, but we all work together to get the job done.’

Lauren also mentions the significance of teamwork at Lidl and how this, among other things, has influenced her decision to continue working there.

‘…we are more a family than we are a team. I plan to be here as long as I can be…’

Customer Assistant team culture Lidl summer jobs

How to Prepare for Applying as a Lidl Customer Assistant

So, you’re interested? That’s great! Lidl would love to meet you. We’re giving you advice straight from the Hiring Managers at Lidl to help you ace your interview and land that summer job!

What Lidl looks for in a Customer Assistant

  • Flexibility – As a seasonal worker, it’s important to be flexible with shifts as well as the variety of tasks you may be given.
  • Quick learner – Things move fast, so picking up new information in a timely manner is a great asset.
  • Ideally (but not essentially) experienced in fast-paced work – examples can include any retail or hospitality experience, otherwise being ready and willing to get stuck into this kind of environment!
  • Good communication skills – like most roles in the service sector, communicating with the team, managers and with customers is a daily part of the job.

Be sure to think about how you’ve demonstrated these skills in the past. If you haven’t, don’t be disheartened – an awareness and willingness to build them up is the next best thing!

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How to ace the interview

The interview will be a competency style interview. Competency-based interviews aim to find out how you approach tasks and challenges, and which specific skills you’ve used in the past to do this.

Here are Lidl’s top tips for acing this interview:

Be ready with a few examples of how you’ve demonstrated the above skills (flexibility, quick learning, good communication), as well as other applicable skills you may have used previously, such as teamwork, independence, being proactive, etc.

Keep in mind that the interviewer won’t know the ins and outs of your previous company, so explain your points in full detail and remember the ‘why’ of why you’re telling the story. Do your best to give clear and concise answers.

Customer Assistant Lidl summer jobs interview tips

An interview is also a chance to show your motivation and enthusiasm for the job! Express why you’d like to work in this role specifically, what skills you hope to build up and which aspects you think you’d enjoy.

Hand-in-hand with this is to do your research! It doesn’t hurt to visit the store beforehand and even chat with some of the Customer Assistants there! Preparation will show both competence and motivation.

And lastly, come with your own questions for the interviewer. Not only does this convey engagement, but it will give you more information about whether or not this role is right for you!

Best of luck for applying for this awesome opportunity! Browse available jobs at a Lidl near you. To see more of Lidl’s roles or similar, be sure to sign up for Placed to browse amazing service sector job roles near you.