The good thing about hard times is the strong sense of community that comes out of it. While some are off buying their bodyweight in toilet roll, large parts of our industry are out there trying to feed the vulnerable or raise money for those in our industry that need it the most. This is a list of worthwhile causes, GoFundMe’s or good ideas we feel passionate about and feel can make a difference.   


Hospitality Action – the historical charity that knows how to operate in a crisis

This charity has been fighting battles on behalf of the hospitality industry since it was founded in 1837.  This time it’s no different and they have set up a donation to help support businesses and their employees deal with the fallout from this crisis.

 “We urgently need to build a significant fund to enable us to make a one-off award to eligible workers suddenly facing hardship.” To be effective in meeting the anticipated demand we need to secure funds before we can open the scheme for grant applicants so we urgently need the industry to mobilise.”

Donate to Hospitality Action


Kerb   –  looking after your favourite street food vendors  

What happens to street food when no one is in the street? Those of you that have eaten at Kerb will know that you are always spoilt for choice and you won’t leave until you’ve eaten too much. For us at Placed, street food has become our lunchtime choice and the thought that one day we might find ourselves forced into our own packed lunches doesn’t bear thinking about. This is a ‘buy now eat later’ voucher scheme that could help you reunite with your favourite takeaway when we finally emerge from our lockdowns. If your favourite food vendor isn’t on this list, just reach out to them and we’re sure they’ll point you in the right direction

Donate to Kerb Food Store ->


Lina Stores – Italian hospitality for those who need it 

Hospitality is the art of looking after people, feeding them and making them feel cared for. And when it comes to hospitality there are few that can stand up to the Italians. Lina Stores have been making fresh pasta and sauces since the second world war and have started a go fund me page dedicated to feeding people most affected by the outbreak. If ever there was a worthy cause this is it. They have a goal of £20,000 and are well on their way to achieving it. Let them help us all with fresh pumpkin ravioli.     

Donate to Free Food Londoners in Need


City Harvest – making sure waste doesn’t go to waste

City Harvest is getting rid of wastage and delivering it to those who need it the most. This charity takes surplus food and puts it in the hands of the vulnerable and most at risk. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 the demand has gone through the roof so for people who can donate, time or money this could really make a difference. For restaurants that have been forced to close, if you want to avoid wastage these are the guys who can make the best out of a bad situation.

Donate to City Harvest –


Looking after those that look after you

There has also been an overwhelming show of generosity and thanks for all the support workers on the front line dealing with this crisis. From deliveries and large discounts to free drinks, the hospitality industry has been showing how grateful we all are for their efforts in this time of need. 

Donate to TakeTheMeal



Let’s make sure that these initiatives get the funding and support they deserve by sharing this with everyone you know. And for those that can please donate to whichever speaks to you the most. We’ll continue to share advice and relevant news as the situation evolves. 

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