Who’s Really Behind Paddy Power’s Doors?

Ever wondered what’s really behind the doors at Paddy Power? Who exactly works at this well-known Irish bookmaker? And what’s all the banter about? Well… we took a trip to Paddy Power to reveal all to you…

Paddy Power, the nation’s favourite bookmaker is hiring right now for Shop Managers and Customer Service Team Leaders (you’ll find a whole heap of their roles on Placed App!). But first, do you really know what goes on in a betting store? And what exactly do these unique roles entail?

We headed over to the King’s Cross store to get a real feel for the Paddy Power vibe and culture, and got chatting to Marcello and Raffaello about their experience working in this fun retail environment.


Paddy Power, King’s Cross

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Meet Marcello, Senior Shop Manager

Marcello supervises twenty-five Paddy Power stores across the London area, working closely with his district manager who runs the stores within the district. The King’s Cross branch is just one of many other stores Marcello manages, including Tower Hamlets, Stratford and more.

“I started off as a Manager, coming from a competitor’s store. I had good district managers and put in a good work ethic, so I got promoted pretty quickly. I’ve been at Paddy Power for not even four years, and I’ve been a Senior Shop Manager for three and a half, so I grew quickly.”

“As a Shop Manager, I make sure the store is always open when required to be and well presented, and customer service is good. I train up staff with new promotional campaigns, new products and teach them how to attract customers. Outside the shop, I assist my district manager with daily shop reports, benchmarking, recruitment and more.”

“If you like sports like football or horse-racing, you’ll really enjoy working at Paddy Power. But even if you don’t know anything about sports, there’s no reason for you not to learn as you go – we have a great starter deck that will teach you all you need to know, like how a customer places a bet, what’s the most popular bet and more – all of these depend on the shop you work in.”

“In the first four weeks, you always have someone looking after you so if you’re unsure of a customer’s bet, there will be someone to show you and you really will learn as you go.”

“No two days are the same at Paddy Power. You’ll have a quiet day when you can sit down and have a chat with a customer, and then a busy day where you’re doing so many different things. You can’t really predict what will happen, which means every day is exciting. The shifts go really quick, I’ll say that!”

“The best time is when the Cheltenham races are on, it’s always busy. It can get to a point where there are around thirty to forty people in the store. Seeing the stores packed and people looking at the races and shouting like it’s the world cup – it’s always fun!”

“The culture at Paddy Power is that ‘we are in this together’. As a district, we do each other favours and we help each other out. And, of course, you always have your core group that you can go have drinks with on a day off. There’s a strong bond you have with your colleagues that you just don’t get in other jobs.”

Paddypower jobs

Marcello, right, and Raffaello, left, in Paddy Power King’s Cross

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Meet Raffaello, Customer Service Team Leader

Raffaello has worked for Paddy power for just under four years. Prior to King’s Cross he worked in the shop on Caledonian Road, Islington.

“I used to work in a bar as a bartender before moving to Paddy Power. I just wanted a change of experience. I’ve now worked 8 years in London and half of those years have been at Paddy Power, and I’ve really enjoyed it.”

“In the mornings I open the shop. The store can become busy very randomly so I always make sure the floor is in good condition first for when customers come in. After that, I always double check the safe, the payout from the night before, and I make sure everything is ready for when my colleagues come in and that all the machines are fully working.”

“I really enjoy speaking to the customers. In fact, Paddy Power encourages us to build a relationship with our customers. It’s fun to chat with them, especially when talking about betting and football. Often if you’ve built a good relationship they will come back to the shop regularly.”

“Cheltenham or the Grand National are my most memorable times here, because it’s so busy. I remember once when it was my first time working during the Cheltenham races at the Paddy Power in Caledonian Road, the shop was packed. Everybody was shouting so we put the sound on really loud for everyone – it was a really nice atmosphere. When it’s busy, I really enjoy it and time flies!”

Then, for absolutely no reason at all, we asked: “If Marcello was an animal, what animal would he be?”

“If Marcello was an animal, I would say he would be a donkey. Not because he looks like one, but because he is a Naples football supporter and their mascot is a donkey! Otherwise he would be any kind of smart animal haha!”

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