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Why Now is the Best Time to Get a Job

It’s coming up to the end of January – we’re officially into 2022, we’ve learnt to write the correct year down, and our ‘new normal’ is settling in. It also means that if you haven’t started looking for a job yet, now is the time to get going! Why now? Well, because now is the best time to get a job on Placed, and here’s why.

January is prime hiring time for hiring managers everywhere, because that is when budgets for the new year get unlocked. That means money to spend on training and paying new, bright-eyed, hardworking recruits such as yourself.

Businesses will often have an idea in mind of how many new staff they’d like to hire (how much they’re willing to spend) so the sooner you get your foot in the door, the better.

And with restrictions easing in the UK, hospitality and retail are really starting to stretching their wings!

In fact, we’ve never had so many jobs live on Placed than right now! That’s 3,212 jobs to be precise. So make sure you don’t miss out on these roles just waiting for jobseekers to step into them!

Here are some top tips to make the most out of the January hiring hots:

1. Use it to explore your options

Thinking about a career shift? Tempted by the new? Or have no idea what career path you want to follow?

A little tip from Jennifer Aniston, who once said: ‘I always say don’t make plans, make options.’

You can learn a lot from interviews and trial shifts, even if you’re 100% sure about the job. Since there’s a lot to choose from right now, why not do a little venturing?

You could try a job in housekeeping if you’ve always worked in retail. Or if you’re usually customer-facing, maybe give back-of-house a whirl. Or even if you have a job but a certain company catches your eye, you can approach them for a dance.

If you do choose to explore your options, here’s some practical advice for acing the interview and trial shift.

In the worst case, you can confirm something isn’t for you and close a pathway off. In the best case, you pick up brand new skills and gain new experience in a role you enjoy more than you thought you would!


Download the Placed App, set up a profile and start matching with jobs.

2. Brush up on your job application skills

Have you ever been offered the job that you want, but have an interview for another the next day?

Wisdom says you should take the interview anyway, not least because something unexpected might sway you to reconsider, but also because it’s always good practice. In fact, it’s good practice with less pressure!

Applying and interviewing for lots of jobs can give you a wealth of experience in a short amount of time. These skills that you pick up will be the ones you use in your next job application years from now, so might as well make the most of this time.

3. Importantly, seize the opportunity!

Jobseeking can be tough, make no mistake. But in these beginning months of 2022, it’s your prime time to just jump in and apply. It’s always good to spend some time reflecting on what you want to do, but once you’ve got ideas, now really is the time to go for it.

You could even grab some friends for the ride! Maybe you turned down a job but you know someone else who might be interested. Or perhaps you both want to work at the same place! Either way, getting to know lots of opportunities means being able to pass them onto others, too. (Check out our Refer A Friend competition for a chance to win £2.5K!)

With the Placed app, once your profile is set up, you’re free to apply to suitable jobs with just one tap. It really couldn’t be easier!

And if you want to get stuck in right this very second, here’s a handy tool you can use to search for jobs in your area.

🔥 Some brands with the hiring hots right now on Placed are Sky, Marston’s, WED2B, Cirrus Inns and Aqua Restaurant Group (Shard, Kyoto and Nueva). 🔥

Good luck and happy jobseeking! 😉

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