Why Now is the Best Time to Join Bupa

Bupa is hiring for customer service and sales roles right NOW. But far from your typical contact centre roles, with Bupa you’ll be really making a difference to people’s lives.

And it doesn’t stop there. Not only are these roles emotionally rewarding, but with so many amazing benefits, training, progression opportunities and more, you’d seriously be mad to miss out on joining the team.

So, with the help of Bupa themselves, we’ve put together some reasons just why now really is the best time to become a part of the Bupa family:

Amazing training

If you feel you might be lacking in experience, you’ll be in great hands at Bupa. Bupa offers an amazing training programme which at present operates better than ever. 

Training for customer service roles at Bupa starts from day one, with four weeks in a classroom where you’ll learn the essentials for your role.

You’ll then have 5 weeks of Academy where you take calls with support from coaches. And, once you’re on the team, you’ll receive ongoing one-on-one support with a manager should you need it.

After 6 months, you’ll also be able to apply for one of Bupa’s many apprenticeship programmes, giving you the option to grow your skill set and learn in a structured environment. 

What’s more, you’ll always be free to explore other areas of the business, and if you decide you want to move to another team you’ll be given the skills, encouragement and support to change.

Bupa’s exceptional training programmes, ongoing support, and welcoming nature is focused on helping you build your career and develop as a person.

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Hard-to-beat benefits

Working at Bupa doesn’t just come with a competitive salary. You’ll also receive a whole range of benefits designed to cater for your needs and support your life, with a particular consideration to your mental and physical health. 

To name a few, Bupa employees receive discounted gym memberships, health insurance, annual performance-based bonuses and access to support channels for health.

No doubt, it’s important to feel and be recognised for your work efforts – Bupa does this particularly well. Running regular team incentives, individuals and teams are celebrated for their successes and rewarded for their hard work.

New roles and expanding teams

Bupa has been growing! With a newly formed Digital Team brought together. coinciding with the launch of Bupa’s new app, there are a whole host of opportunities available right now.

As the team is set to expand even further, you’ll have plenty of choices and opportunities to move up and around the business!


Everyone loves flexibility. It shows that a company is conscious and happy to work around their employees’ needs. Bupa has recently chosen to go hybrid, as well as offer majority home working roles, giving their staff the freedom to work in a way that suits them.

With major investments into technology, alongside the launch of Bupa’s new strategic framework that puts digital at the heart of what they do, Bupa aims to make the lives of their staff and customers easier. The goal is to have 60 percent of customers actively interacting with Bupa through digital methods.

So, if you prefer home working, or enjoy a hybrid environment, you’ve got the choice to do this – not many companies offer the same level of flexibility!

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Human-centred values

Just to round off the many reasons to join Bupa, here are some words from Bupa themself on their key values for any candidates considering applying to a role here:

“Bupa is a place that celebrates people and it’s a culture like no other. We support everyone to be themselves. We’re a large business that presents loads of opportunity and offers development and training to fit with your future plans. We understand the importance of a work-life balance and people’s health, mental and physical, is priority.”

What’s not to love? If you’re looking for a meaningful career at a company that will truly support you, you can keep up to date with the latest roles from Bupa by following their brand page here.