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Why Now is the Best Time to Join Burger King

There’s never been a better time to join the Home of the Whopper. Here’s why.

The home of Whopper. We all know and love it. And since the easing of restrictions, it’s not just back. It’s back, and better than ever.


Really. Some huge, amazing changes have been in the making that you absolutely need to hear about. Here’s a run-down on why you need to join Burger King now:

HUGE Growth

Just this month, Burger King has expanded its horizons with 17 new restaurants, increasing Burger King’s total restaurants to 142 restaurants and 491 outlets across the UK. Not only this, but the fast-food chain is looking to open around 30 new restaurants this year and double this next year.

Burger King has also just opened its first Delivery Kitchen in Kentish Town and are looking to open a further 2 in July. These restaurants will only serve delivery and are great for those who prefer a quieter, less customer facing environment.

So yes, talk about BIG GROWTH.

Not only are there plenty of opportunities available currently, but a growing company means a great chance to work your way up the career ladder and really build your career if you’d like to.

It’s your chance to be a part of something really huge. And, working with such a well-known brand like Burger King will put you in great stead for future opportunities.

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Want to work in hospitality but don’t want to work long hours? You’re searching in all the right places. 😊

Unlike many other service industry jobs, Burger King prides itself on allowing its staff the flexibility to work the hours and times they want.

After all, Burger King’s motto is ‘Your Career. Your Way.’, meaning you get to shape your work life the way you want, without feeling tied down by long, antisocial hours – you dictate your own timetable.

It’s the absolute best place to work if you’re a student, have family commitments or are working another job as well. 

Career Development

This is the home of the Whopper. This is no place for a dead end job.

There’s always been opportunity to progress at Burger King. But recently, the restaurant has put a whole load of energy into making this more possible than ever.

Just recently, Burger King have recruited a Head of Talent Development into Whopper Support to put into place Development Pathways for their restaurant teams, meaning you’ll always be supported and given the chance to grow and work your way up to managerial positions and beyond if you choose to.

Staff recognition is a huge part of Burger King – and now more so than ever. With a newly launched internal communication and recognition platform for restaurant teams, called The Hub, your hard work will never go unnoticed.

A job at Burger King is one you can really make a career out of.

Healthy Planet

So we’ve heard about all the ways Burger King cares for its employees. But guess what? They care just as much about the planet.

The restaurant chain have recently announced ambitious new goals to reduce their carbon emissions by 2030. Working at Burger King, you can be assured that you’re part of a team who is focused on sustainability in all they do.

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