Hub by Premier Inn

Why Work for Sleek New Hotel, Hub by Premier Inn?

Ever stayed at a hub? Recently launched only in 2014, this stylish, affordable hotel brand and part of Whitbread is hiring right now on Placed App. But what’s it all about? Join us on our trip to Soho’s stylish hub in the heart of London.

Excellent pay, great career progression opportunities and a sparkling new hotel brand that you could be a key part in shaping – there are plenty of reasons to work for hub by Premier Inn. 

But how does this unique hotel chain differ from the regular Premier Inn we all know and love? And why is now the perfect time to join it’s growing team? We took a trip to the recently opened hub in Soho to get a real feel for this tech-centred hotel, and the lovely people who work within it.

Hub image
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Soho’s hub by Premier Inn

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Well, as we entered we were immediately struck by the modern feel of the hotel – a unique self-check-in system and touchscreen for accessing the internet, Google maps and city recommendations. Sleek interiors and some serious attention to detail… this is certainly a comfortable place to stay – and work!

Check in at Hub

After a warm welcome, we firstly got chatting to Sam Togwell, Dual Site Manager of the London hubs in Soho and Covent Garden, who’s been working for Whitbread for 10 years. She tells us all about what makes hub a great place to work and stay.

Sam Togwell

Sam Togwell, Dual Site Manager for hub by Premier Inn

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“At hub, we’re a bit more quirky – I’d say a bit more cool! Our hotels are all very central in the city, and are driven by tech.”

“The hub rooms are a lot more compact than a standard Premier Inn room. Premier Inn is great for family stays and business, whilst our hub rooms are a bit more hip, on-the-scene and high-end, but still at an affordable price and in great city-centre locations.”

“At hub, we really encourage staff to let their personality shine through. So, in every interaction with a guest, there isn’t a strict talk-line that you have to get across – you have the freedom to say things in your own way, and do what you want, really.”

Rooms at hub
Hub sneak peak

“I started at hub 10 years ago on my gap year. I’d initially just planned to do some casual waitressing and save up money for Fresher’s week – and I just never really got there in the end! After earning my own money I realised I didn’t want to go back to being sat behind a table, and I enjoyed what I did so I went with it, put the work in and progressed through the ranks over time.”

“Since my time here I’ve been in several different roles. I’ve been in Food & Beverage, worked at reception, been a Team Leader, Assistant Manager – and now I’m a Dual-site Hotel Manager.”

“You could take someone in as a brand new Team Member who’s never worked in Hospitality before – and a year later they could have gone through the ranks quite rapidly. Seeing that journey is really rewarding.”

“At hub we look for anyone who’s willing to get stuck in and get involved, those that like variety in a job, and flexible people who are willing to help guests wherever they are in their journey.”

One lovely staff member who has really worked her way up the ranks is Amrita, Housekeeping Manager at the hub in Soho, who has worked there for eight months since it’s opening in April this year. She tells us all about her swift career growth!

Housekeeping manager

Amrita, Housekeeping Manager at London’s Soho hub.

“I started as a Housekeeping Team Member, then became a Supervisor, and now I am a Housekeeping Manager here, so I quickly progressed.

“I was attracted to the friendly staff, good environment and career progression.”

“I had some housekeeping experience before, but here at hub they taught me everything. Particularly our Deputy Manager and the previous Housekeeping Manager. They gave me the confidence to become a Manager.”

“I start work at 8am, creating lists for the housekeeping team who begin cleaning the rooms at 8:30. Today I’m managing 9 team members. I do all the paperwork before 12:00, when I can begin checking the rooms, and then at around 4:30pm, we finish!”

“I’m very close with my team. We go out together once or twice every month, just around the corner as we’re in the centre of London!”

“Hub is unlike other hotels for housekeeping as it’s easy to clean and check everything. You don’t have to put out tea or coffee – it’s a simple hotel and it makes the job feel easy!”

“To be a good Housekeeper, you have to be friendly with staff and guests, and a good team player.”

“Hub is a great place to work. If you have any concerns you can speak to the manager – it’s not like working for an agency. If you do good, you will really see the career progression here. Just like me – I started cleaning rooms, then became a Supervisor and now a Manager in less than one year!”

And it’s not just the career progression that makes hub a great place to work. As a part of the well-established Whitbread, you’ll receive excellent pay and a stable work environment. Plus, great benefits including Gym discounts, Costco membership and the My Rewards platform, where you can recognise your teammates and are celebrated and rewarded for top performance, team incentives and for delivering amazing guest experiences.

There are plenty of roles available, whether you’re looking for Part-time or Full-time work, a Summer gig or to really propel your career in Hospitality. Take a look now on the Placed App!