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Your Guide to Choosing a Great Employer

We know there are red flags and green flags when it comes to dating. But do you know what to look out for in a good employer? We’ll spend a lot of our lives working, so it’s important to make sure you’re in (a) good company!

1. The gossip is good (about the company, not within it!)

No, we’re not suggesting that juicy drama is a positive sign. We’re saying that it’s worth finding some reviews of what it’s like working at your place of interest, whether that’s online or through friends, from current or former employees.

A quick Google search should turn up some results. Of course, like with all things Google, take it with a pinch of salt! Just because someone else hated it doesn’t mean you will, but watch for repeated complaints, high staff turnover or anything that would really bug you.

Job platforms like Placed often showcase testimonials and conduct interviews with staff to help candidates get a stronger idea of what it’s like to work there, directly from real employees.

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2. They communicate with you well

If you’re in the application process, watch for how they communicate with you. Communication with an employer is ideally timely, professional and clear. You should be getting the information you need to move ahead in the process, and feel that your time is respected.

There’s nothing wrong with a little informality! Especially if you’re communicating through an online messaging system. But if they’re using a thousand emojis, chatting like you’ve been friends for years or gossiping about the workplace before you’ve even started, it might be a sign to tread carefully…

Imagine dealing with that when you run into a conflict of interest! Whether it’s discussing pay, raising a complaint or asking to leave, you want to trust that your employer will handle those situations professionally, and the best indicator that they will is if they set the tone that way from the get-go.

3. You could go somewhere with them (if you wanted)

Depending on your long-term plans, it’s well worth considering what career progression looks like at your potential employer. Do new opportunities come up often? Could you climb the career ladder, and if so, how long might it take? Will you get training? Will you be able to gain experience in other areas of the business?

Going for opportunities tends to be easier if it’s done from within the same company, since your employer already knows you. So, even if you’re not sure what you might be doing in the future, it’s nice to have the option to explore or move up if you find that you want to later on!

You can find all this kind of info via quizzes on the Placed App and our Employer brand pages, too.

4. They have a good culture and good values

Unlike the other points which are more universal, this one will vary between each person. A company’s culture and values are not only about how employees treat each other and their customers/clients, but how the company treats its employees. In other words, it informs everything about a workplace! So it’s a good idea to check if a potential employer’s values match yours.

It’s about making sure you’re in an environment you’ll thrive in, and importantly, one that makes you want to stay. If you’re outgoing and love people, you could see if the company does frequent socials. Maybe you care about different causes, so charity initiatives would excite you! Or, do you really like to beat your targets? Keep an eye out for incentive bonuses!

Companies and even industries vary, so make sure you do your research prior. You could also use apps like Placed that instantly match you with values-aligned employers.

5. They care about you as a person, not just an employee

A good employer understands that work is only one aspect of your life. That you are a full human being before you are an employee. Though there’s no prescribed checklist, here are a few things you could look out for:

  • What is the policy around sick leave, mental health days and flexibility in general?
  • Are there indicators of good work-life balance?
  • How does the company inject some fun into work life?
  • Is there a healthy workplace culture?
  • How are the rewards?
  • Would the employer allow you to fit work around other life circumstances e.g. study, raising a child, a sick family member, etc.?

Some of these may be more important to you than others. Maybe you could think of a few more! But the most important thing is that your employer has reasonable expectations for you while respecting your time and life outside of work.

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