8 eco friendly sustainable companies doing their bit for the planet

8 More Eco-Friendly Companies Doing Their Bit for the Planet

Friday 22nd April this year marks Earth Day, a day to raise awareness for the growing climate crisis and insist on investment from individuals, businesses and communities into protecting and helping our planet.

So, to follow on from our previous post on 4 Brands Doing their bit for the Planet (which you should deffo check out if you haven’t!), we’re listing 8 more eco-friendly and sustainably-focussed businesses from hospitality, and a bit about how they’re taking initiative to help protect the Earth.

1. Lidl

Lidl sustainability

Since accurately measuring its carbon footprint, the data of which you can view in their sustainability report, Lidl has worked with logistics partners to reduce CO2 emissions from transporting their products by 40% since 2015.

As well as investing in energy-saving technologies to power their fridges and freezers, 100% of Lidl’s electricity is purchased from renewable sources. All of their vegan Vemondo range is carbon neutral, and they were the first to introduce reusable fruit and veg bags! Bye bye plastic!

2. What The Pitta

What The Pitta sustainability

On a mission to be ‘Meat Free More Often’, What the Pitta uses plant-based alternatives for its kebabs (and other dishes!) Swing by one of their five locations to experience their vegan donors, or read their blog post on the whats and whys of a climatarian diet.

They even won Best Vegan Caterer at the VegFest Awards 2018!

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3. CitizenM

CitizenM sustainability

Snazzy and modern as CitizenM’s hotels are, they’ve got sustainability built in, as all hotels are required to be accredited with high sustainability ratings from BREEAM.

Moreover, 90% of their electricity comes from renewable sources, they only use LED lights (that turn off when you leave the room), they track their waste and recycling rates at every hotel and they’ve reduced their food waste by 70% with intelligent portioning and packaging.

4. Apracity

Apracity sustainability

Chantelle Nicholson, Chef Owner of environmentally conscious restaurant Apracity in Mayfair, wants her business to be “not just sustainable, but…a closed loop of use and re-use”.

From championing British produce and designing zero-waste cocktails to using upcycled and repurposed furniture, Chantelle’s sure sticking to her mission! If you go to Apracity, expect a waste-minimal menu using ingredients from hand-picked, small, ‘regenerative farming’ producers.

5. Burger King

Burger King sustainability

In addition to being a member of the National Cup Recycling Scheme, Burger King took the big step in 2019 to remove non-biodegradable toys from their kids meals. This initiative, called the ‘Meltdown’ campaign, also called on the public to donate their free plastic giveaway toys from other companies to amnesty bins in Burger King restaurants for recycling.

The ‘Meltdown’ campaign saved an estimated 320 tonnes of single-use plastic in a year!

By 2025, Burger King aims for 100% of their packaging to come from renewable, recycled or certified sources.

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6. The Loch & The Tyne

The Loch & The Tyne sustainability

Like others mentioned, beautiful pub-restaurant The Loch & the Tyne goes for a waste-minimal approach, pioneered by Chef Adam Handling.

As well as growing its own vegetable gardens situated in an orchard, cooking is done with as much of the food as possible. Leftover fish trim? Work some magic and you have zero-waste croquette. Cabbage leaves? Turned into kimchi to serve with venison. And recently, they’ve tried to eliminate cling film from the kitchen.

Sometimes it’s the seemingly small decisions that add up!

7. Marston’s

Marston's sustainability

Pub group Marstson’s commitment to sustainability has won them several awards across waste management, energy efficiency and recycling.

And what’s won them these awards?

Marston’s were the first pub company to achieve zero waste-to-landfill, thereby increasing their recycling by 74%. Rapid EV charging points have been installed at 100 of their venues for electric cars; bedding from their lodges is recycled by local charities; they’ve removed both single-use bottles and plastic; and they operate their own water supplier saving 135,448 pints of water a day.

On top of that, Marston’s are transparent about their carbon footprint (all the data can be found here) and have agreed with the Hospitality Zero Carbon Forum to help decarbonise the sector at pace.

8. The Zetter

The Zetter sustianability

Modern London Hotel located in Clerkenwell, The Zetter, is itself an upcycled Victorian warehouse using eco-friendly materials. Its atrium and automated skylight uses natural light and ventilation to help prevent energy waste, and if you open a window the air conditioning cuts out! (You know you’ve done it before…)

Not only that, but The Zetter gets their guests involved too! Stay a few nights and you’ll be able to borrow bikes during your time there and exchange housekeeping for £10 credit on food and drink, thereby reducing energy spent on washing.

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Happy Earth Day!